Doing Business with the Town of Bladensburg: Sustainble (Green) Puchasing/ Procurment

The Town of Bladensburg developed and adopted a Green Purchasing Policy in April of 2011 (4-2011) and updated the policy in September 2012, adopting Green Purchasing Policy (9-2012) as a result of our ongoing commitment to minimize impacts on human health and the natural environment.  It was and is our intent to reduce the negative effect on humans and the environment, when economically feasible, by actively pursuing environmentally preferred products i.e. raw material, manufacturing, packaging, use, reuse, operation, maintenance and disposal products.  Our Green Purchasing Manager, Director of Public Works/Code Enforcement Director coordinates with federal, state and local agencies as well as other stakeholders regarding, permits, retrofit design, environmentally preferable purchasing, sustainability, bio retention, and other environmental construction and installation issues to ensure compliance with this policy.

Both Green Purchasing Polices were discussed in Sustainable Maryland Certified (SMC) meetings and open public meetings, to ensure input and feedback and the best possible end product improving our ability to meet environmental goals, reduce liability, improve employee safety and health, and ensure all employees are involved in the process.  Once passed by Council Vote in open session, the policy was made available to all department heads, and employees by way of inter-agency email ensuring compliance.  In addition, both policies have been displayed on the Town’s municipal website.

In addition as a member of MWCOG the Town utilizes the Responsible Purchasing Network

Please see the attached as PDF copy of the Town Procurement Policy:Green Purchasing Policy 9-2012 FULL