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Candidates for the Upcoming Town Elections are as follows: Candidates for Mayor: Donnie Bridgeman Takisha James Chris Melendez Candidate for Council Member Ward I Cristian Mendoza Candidate for Council Member Ward II Walter Ficklin


Employment Opportunity with Town of Bladensburg:  Director of Public Works Job Description

Site Plan for Royal Farms at 6200 Annapolis Road, Capital Plaza Shopping Center

MNCPPC is ready to accept the subject application.  Please see the following:  Royal Farms_Detailed Site Plan notification letter_M-NCPPC

Town of Bladensburg’s Adopted FY 18 Budget

Adopted FY 18 Budget Budget Book: FY18 Budget Book

Quarles Gas Station is asking for a Minor Amendment for its Site Plan

Documents Submitted for Minor Amendment Request: Signed Application: APP DSP 16048 Owner Sign (1) Application Acceptance Letter: CB 54 DSP 16048 Acceptance Letter Site Plan: DSP 16048 – Sht 1R1 DER Permit: Permit 5707-95-CG Statement of Justification: SOJ DSP 16048 Stormwater Management Approval: SWMCA 63797-2016-00 Stormwater Management Plan: SWMCP 63797-2016-00 Woodlawn Conservation Exempt App: WCO-EX [...]

FY 18 Budget First Reading

FY 18 Budget First Reading: Budget Book:  FY18 Budget 1st Read

Town of Bladensburg’s Proposed FY 2018 Budget

Draft Budget FY 2018 Budget Book Draft Printer Friendly:  Budget Book April 25 Draft – Printer Friendly Budget Book Draft:  Budget Book April 25 Draft Constant Yield Hearing:  Constant Yield

Mayor & Council Adopt Two New Election Ordinances

Two New Election Laws are Now in Effect: Absentee Ballots:  1-2017 Absentee Ballots Campaign Finance:  2-2017 Campaign Finance

FY 18 Town Grants

Town of Bladensburg FY 18 Grant Application for community organizations Application: Town of Bladensburg FY18 Grant Application_March_28_2017_Fillable Form

Strategic Plan 2017

STRATEGIC PLAN FOR BLADENSBURG 2017: Approved Plan March 2017:  Strategic Plan Apprvd

Monthly Town Meetings

Reminder of Town Meeting All Community Invited to Participate Town Worksession and Council Meeting Agendas: March Council Meeting Agendas: June 2017 Meeting agendas: June Council Meeting Agenda:  June 2017 draft CM agenda June Worksession Agenda:  June 2017 Draft WS agenda Council Meeting:  March 2017 cm agenda Worksession:  March 2017 ws agenda December 12, 2016:  December [...]

Town Monthly Meeting Staff and Other Reports

The Town of Bladensburg requires monthly reports from each of its departments. Citizens may view and download these reports from the town’s website here.

Growing Your Own Food @ Autumn Woods

Doing Business with the Town of Bladensburg: Sustainble (Green) Puchasing/ Procurment

The Town of Bladensburg developed and adopted a Green Purchasing Policy in April of 2011 (4-2011) and updated the policy in September 2012, adopting Green Purchasing Policy (9-2012) as a result of our ongoing commitment to minimize impacts on human health and the natural environment. It was and is our intent to reduce the negative effect on humans and the environment, when economically feasible, by actively pursuing environmentally preferred products i.e. raw material, manufacturing, packaging, use, reuse, operation, maintenance and disposal products. Our Green Purchasing Manager, Director of Public Works/Code Enforcement Director coordinates with federal, state and local agencies as well as other stakeholders regarding, permits, retrofit design, environmentally preferable purchasing, sustainability, bio retention, and other environmental construction and installation issues to ensure compliance with this policy. Please see the attached as PDF copy of the Town Procurement Policy:Green Purchasing Policy 9-2012 FULL

Notice of the Change in Trash Collection

As of August 15, 2012, the Town of Bladensburg has gone to once a week trash collection. Please select link for more information.

Port Town Rain Gardens

The Port Towns Commemorative Rain Garden project is a unique effort to create a series of linked foundations for celebration and restoration across the Port Town communities. This project is intended to highlight the commitment that Bladensburg and the other Port Town communities have made to the sustainable restoration and protection of the Anacostia River. Each rain garden will include design elements and construction infrastructure that demonstrate green streets elements, promote green jobs, help understand the water quality benefits, and provide educational opportunities.

We invite public comment and feedback. Please direct your response to Mr. John Moss, Town Administrator at 301-927-7048 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Please click the link to see the attached PDF document for more.

Prince George’s Municipal Collaboration Receives Additional MEA EmPOWER Funds

The Town of Bladensburg was awarded $100,000 in January to coordinate energy efficiency retrofits for low to moderate income homeowners in 10 municipalities in Prince George’s County. To date the Collaboration has partnered with Edge Energy, Green reVisions, and End Time Harvest Ministries to retrofit 16 houses. MEA announced today that they are impressed with the efficiency of this project and are doubling the funding.

Town of Bladensburg Mayor, Walter L. James, said “We are pleased to be coordinating this great effort on behalf of many of our Municipal partners and thrilled to help homeowners throughout the County to save money on their energy bills.” The Town of Bladensburg has coordinated other successful municipal collaborations in the past. This collaboration includes: the Towns of Bladensburg, Brentwood, Cottage City, Colmar Manor, Edmonston, Forest Heights, Glen Arden, Landover Hills, and the Cities of Mount Rainier and Seat Pleasant.

Homeowner Dottie Fratturelli, who benefitted from the program, stated “I felt a difference in the house as soon as the work was completed!” She went on to say that she “was very grateful for this program because she could not afford the retrofits.” Edge Energy fixed gas leaks, installed attic insulation, caulking/weather-stripping, CFL bulbs, and a new energy star refrigerator for Ms. Fratturelli.

“The Maryland Energy Administration was able to reallocate funding to empower more homeowners in Prince George’s County through this project,” Malcolm Woolf, MEA Director, stated. “A 10% return on investment through energy savings compels homeowners to complete these energy assessments, especially due to the increased comfort that they will enjoy in their homes. MEA looks forward to further residential energy savings investments in Prince George’s County.”

Lisa Lincoln, CEO of Green reVisions, is the Project Director and she says the program is now accepting new applications for this increased funding. “If you live in one of the municipalities that is part of this collaboration, please contact your Town Administrator for more information.”

These energy efficiency retrofits are estimated to save homeowners an average of $620 per year on their energy bills. Jason Dispenza, President of Edge Energy, said “Working with the Town of Bladensburg and the Maryland Energy Administration’s EmPOWER Community Program has been a pleasure and shown us all the value of a well-managed neighborhood weatherization program. Many homeowners are receiving weatherization services which are improving their family’s comfort, air-quality, safety, and saving them money on their energy bills.”

Formula 2040 MNCPPC

“Be a part of the equation—help plan the future
of parks and recreation in Prince George’s County”

Crime Prevention News and Information

Crime Prevention News and Information
This section contains news from our police liaison or local news regarding crime prevention in the Town of Bladensburg. Please click on the weblink for more.

What Is YOUR Carbon Foot Print?

The average American generates about 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year from personal transportation, home energy use and from the energy used to produce all of the products and services we consume. Calculate your personal impact to see how much CO2 you produce each year.

Bladensburg Archaeology Project

Tour the Magruder House Archeological Dig Saturday May 9th Come discover Bladensburg’s history! The Cultural Resources Section of the Maryland State Highway Administration will be giving tours of an archeological excavation at the Magruder House. This dwelling dates to 1742 and may have played a significant role in the War of 1812 Battle of Bladensburg. [...]

Port Towns Bus Service Commences

The Towns of Bladensburg and Colmar Manor have teamed together to offer their senior citizens and physically and/or mentally challenged residents a new bus service. This service is available immediately.

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