Government Overview


The office of the Town Administrator provides administrative supervision over all town departments to ensure accomplishment of all goals and objectives during the fiscal year. The Town Administrator also serves as the town’s personnel and economic development officer. As the economic development officer, the office is charged with attracting and facilitating the development of new industries, new businesses, and services in the town.


The Town clerk is “secretary to the Mayor and Council,” the keeper of all official municipal records required by law and the custodian of the municipal seal. The Clerk signs and attests to official documents, records and maintains the minutes of the meetings, and maintains permanent records of all legislation.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for investigating and enforcing, or referring to proper enforcement authority, all Town, County, or State code violations; and the coordination of activities of all assignments related to code enforcement and animal control ordinances.


The Town Council of Bladensburg consists of five town residents who are elcted to serve by the majority of voting local residents. The mayor is elected at large for a term of 4 years. Council members are elected by ward for a term of 4 years. Elections are held in odd years on the first Monday of October. The Town Council meets once a month on the second Monday for both worksessions and the regular council meeting.


The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for overseeing financial management policies and strategies. The mission of the Finance Department is to provide fiscal stability, accountability, and integrity to the Town through comprehensive financial management

Finance: FAQ

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Public Safety

The Bladensburg Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of police service for all the citizens within the town. The department maintains a high level of visibility in its patrols and aggressively pursues criminals while at the same time maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity. The employees of the Police Department seek cooperation with the community in providing public safety while achieving its goals.

Public Works

The Public Works Department provides many essential town services, such as building maintenance, snow removal, street maintenance, street cleaning, and traffic sign repair. Additional responsibilities include oversight of street light repair and waste management.