Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Team is at your service. Please feel free to contact our officers or come by and meet the code enforcement officers.

Danny Needham, Code Enforcement Officer
([email protected])

Roger Rinehart, Code Enforcement Officer
([email protected])

(301) 927-0330

Office Address:
4217 Edmonston Road
Bladensburg, Maryland 20710
Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (weekdays)

Mailing Address:
4910 Tilden Road
Bladensburg, Maryland 20710

Code Enforcement is responsible for investigating and enforcing, or referring to proper enforcement authority, all Town, County, or State code violations; and the coordination of activities of all assignments related to code enforcement and animal control ordinances.

The department initiates inspections, either based on a complaint or physical observation. In addition, the department enforces all provisions of Town licensing and permit ordinances or directives and ensures that all businesses are properly licensed as required by law.

Code Enforcement is charged with upholding the safety, health, and building codes of the Town, County, and State, which includes the issuing of building permits, sign permits, and general purpose permits. Code Enforcement also provides technical and educational assistance to town residents and businesses when it comes to codes and licensing matters.

The Town Code can be accessed here. Code of Bladensburg

*** The Town Code is under review.  A new and revised version will be out after the revisions are complete and legal review is conducted***