Patricia McAuley, Town Clerk
([email protected])

4229 Edmonston Road
Bladensburg, Maryland 20710
(301) 927-7048

Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (weekdays)

The Town clerk is “secretary to the Mayor and Council,” the keeper of all official municipal records required by law and the custodian of the municipal seal. The Clerk signs and attests to official documents, records and maintains the minutes of the meetings, and maintains permanent records of all legislation.

The Clerk ensures that the Town complies with Federal State, and Local mandates including the Public Information Act and Open Meetings Laws.

The Clerk’s Office also oversees municipal elections, schedules the use of the public building(s), handles social arrangements, plans special events, handles travel arrangements and takes care of legal advertisements. Additionally, the Clerk coordinates Mayor and Council functions, drafts ordinances, resolutions and proclamations, edits the newsletter, disseminates the mail, prepares agendas and briefing materials, and more.

The Clerk’s Office is often the first point of contact that citizens, persons doing business in the Town, and other government officials have with Bladensburg.

We strive to help everyone get the proper information or help they need in a timely, friendly manner. We look forward to your visit or other means of contact with our office!