Spa Springs

spa springsSpa Springs, a natural spring, was located on 46th Street, between Upshur Street and Windom Road. Since the early 1800′s the springs were noted for their medicinal properties. The waters were considered, “so powerful and salutary as to be of great benefit to all classes of persons.” Doctors concurred in the opinion that these waters be prescribed for their curative powers. People have long sought the good effects of spring and mineral water, and that Bladensburg has such a spring, caused the town to be frequented by those seeking cures. In fact, early in Bladensburg’s history a road had to be built in order to accommodate the traffic. In 1844 the Whigs from Baltimore City, Washington, Georgetown, and the surrounding country, “held their festivals at the Spa Spring where the ladies from Baltimore City furnished and served the banquet.” This was so enjoyable that in 1845, the Washington Whigs made arrangements for 5,000 to attend a “Barbecue at Bladensburg” at the Spa Spring Grove. They invited their Baltimore friends who paid 50 cents for the round trip train fare. Now, the spring is capped off and there is a pumping station near their.