Port Town Rain Gardens

The Port Towns Commemorative Rain Garden project is a unique effort to create a series of linked foundations for celebration and restoration across the Port Town communities. This project is intended to highlight the commitment that Bladensburg and the other Port Town communities have made to the sustainable restoration and protection of the Anacostia River. Each rain garden will include design elements and construction infrastructure that demonstrate green streets elements, promote green jobs, help understand the water quality benefits, and provide educational opportunities.

This project will lead to the construction of two to four commemorative gardens. A brief description of each follows:

•      Stewardship: This will serve as an educational garden that can be used as a teaching tool for the local schools. The design will include plants that have potential to treat pollutants that are associated with urban stormwater runoff.

•      Cultural: Plants that highlight the history of the Anacostia, such as the historic roses from the Town of Edmonston and plants native to the watershed will be used in the design. Local materials will be used in the construction.

•      Sensory: This garden will be designed for populations that are impaired. It will include plants and design elements that include tactile, fragrance, and sound. There are only a few gardens in the metropolitan area that are focused on this experience and they are not in readily accessible locations.

•      Conservation: Plants that have high wildlife value for birds, beneficial insects, or urban gardening will be used in the design.

We invite public comment and feedback.  Please direct your response to Mr. John Moss, Town Administrator at 301-927-7048 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Please click the link to see the attached PDF document for more.