November 2006

NOVEMBER 6, 2006

I. CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Pro Tem Mendoza called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. with Council Members Ficklin, George, and Watson present.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Approval of minutes was tabled.


Annexation of Newton Green (Senior Housing Project): Larry Taub, legal representative for the Ingerman Group, developers for the project, gave an update including County zoning approval, programs that will be offered at the site, sensitivity to the environment, and willingness by the developers to be annexed into the Town.

Mr. McNamara presented arial maps of the subject annexation area, Phase I. There are challenges involved including areas with a high crime concentration of crime. The Town Administrator reported that Sam Parker, Chair, MNCPPC, encouraged the Town to work toward annexation of the Public Playhouse.

Mr. Taub is also representing the Pointes of Cheverly developers and will be making a future presentation to the Mayor and Council on this project.

Mr. LaPlaca, Town Attorney, explained the criteria for annexation in Maryland. He will verify that new State annexation laws will not affect plans for annexing the Newton Green property.

Verizon Cable Agreement: The Town Attorney will review the Prince Georges Countys Municipal Governments agreement and make a recommendation on the document.

Results of Employees Vote on Retirement Plan: The Town Administrator reported on the 90% desire of employees to join the State Retirement Plan and 100% wish of sworn police officers to join the LEOPS. The next step is for the Town Administrator and Treasurer to perform a financial analysis on the fiscal impact to the Town.

Project List: The list was reviewed and updated.

TAG Program: Chief Moss showed the power point presentation that was used at the October 26th TAG meeting, which included Town Officials and representatives from Colmar Manor and Cottage City. It is planned that the next TAG area will be Annapolis Road and Kenilworth Avenue within the Port Towns. First focus will be on the ramps to and from Kenilworth. Attention to this must be directed by the elected officials to the State.

Mardi Gras: Ms. Pittman, Ms. Webb and Mr. Brockenberry gave an update on tentative plans for the upcoming event. Town staff will customize the special events checklist for the event.


The Mayor wants to hold a public hearing on traffic calming devices to get input from the community.

Council Member Ficklin suggested funding Bladensburg Recreation Center Rec Cards for youth in need. It was suggested that the Center give a discount on these cards and that cards are given to children whose families are involved in the process. The Recreation Council will be responsible for moving forward on this.


Individual Report inquiries were answered.


Reminders of upcoming events were given.


There being no further public business, at 7:45, Council Member George moved to adjourn and go into closed session to discuss legal and personnel issues. Council Member Mendoza seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat McAuley, Town Clerk