Town Of Bladensburg FY 2016 Budget Survey

Dear Community Resident,

Thank you for participating in our FY 2016 Resident Budget Input survey. The Town of Bladensburg uses this survey as a tool to see how well we serve you as well as assists us in anticipating your needs. The last survey, completed last year, provided us with very valuable input that helped develop our current budget and make improvements to Town services.

Please answer the survey based on your personal experiences. Your responses are completely anonymous. Thank you for taking the survey and we look forward to reviewing your response.


The Mayor and Council of the Town of Bladensburg


  • One person 18+ years old should complete the survey.
  • Answer each question if applicable based on your own experiences.
  • Fold the survey and place the survey into a stamped envelope.
  • OR drop the survey off at Town Hall.
  • Call 301-927-7048 if you have questions.


Please return survey by March 30, 2015