Accessing Town Hall

All Council and Town documents are available from the Town of Bladensburg Clerk’s office.

Arts & Recreation

Facilities at community parks vary from site to site, and include combinations of sports courts, picnic areas sitting areas, and play equipment.

Bladensburg Community Recreation Center -After School Program

The Bladensburg Community Recreation Center. located at 4700 57th Avenue, Bladensburg Maryland, is sponsoring an after school program. There are various fitness and activity programs. For more call 301-277-2124 or click this link to download the attached PDF.

Bostwick May Festival

Take a step back in time to the eve of the War of 1812 with 1800s music- Caribbean drums, gospel choir and classical songs – children’s games, farm animals, 1800s trade and craft demonstrations, food – old time favorites, bar-b-que and Native American food – and heirloom plant and craft sale. Browse the May Basket competition entries, take a springtime walk and let the kids play.

Sunday, May 6, 1-4p
48th Street, Bladensburg, MD
Admission: FREE
301-927-7048 for more information

Business Resources

The Town occasionally will have open Bids or Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) on a variety of different projects. From capital improvement projects, to refuse collection, or bids for information systems, the Town will publish those open Bids and RFP’s here.

Code Compliance

The Bladensburg Town Council has adopted Town Codes (laws) specifically designed to ensure the absence of blight, nuisances, and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community. The Town of Bladensburg does this by working in partnership with the people of Bladensburg.

Code Compliance: FAQ

Please Select a Topic How is Service Provided? Animals Prohibited in Residential Areas? Garbage & Debris I have purchased a new appliance and want the old one hauled away. Is it legal to dump liquids or to sweep debris into the gutters and/or streets? Inoperable Vehicles Overgrown Lot Ordinances You Should Know Sign Regulations Need [...]

Crime Prevention News and Information

Crime Prevention News and Information
This section contains news from our police liaison or local news regarding crime prevention in the Town of Bladensburg. Please click on the weblink for more.

Doing Business with the Town of Bladensburg: Sustainble (Green) Puchasing/ Procurment

The Town of Bladensburg developed and adopted a Green Purchasing Policy in April of 2011 (4-2011) and updated the policy in September 2012, adopting Green Purchasing Policy (9-2012) as a result of our ongoing commitment to minimize impacts on human health and the natural environment. It was and is our intent to reduce the negative effect on humans and the environment, when economically feasible, by actively pursuing environmentally preferred products i.e. raw material, manufacturing, packaging, use, reuse, operation, maintenance and disposal products. Our Green Purchasing Manager, Director of Public Works/Code Enforcement Director coordinates with federal, state and local agencies as well as other stakeholders regarding, permits, retrofit design, environmentally preferable purchasing, sustainability, bio retention, and other environmental construction and installation issues to ensure compliance with this policy. Please see the attached as PDF copy of the Town Procurement Policy:Green Purchasing Policy 9-2012 FULL

Economic Development

Forging partnerships with leaders in business, government, academia, and the broader community to contribute to Bladensburg’s economic development.


Elementary Schools: Bladensburg, Port Towns, Rogers Heights, Templeton; High Schools: Bladensburg Senior, Elizabeth Seton; Alternative High School: Annapolis Road Academy; Bladensburg Public LIbrary;


It is the policy of the Town of Bladensburg not to discriminate against any employe or any applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, handicap, sex, physical condition, developmental disability, sexual orientation or national origin.

FY 18 Budget First Reading

FY 18 Budget First Reading: Budget Book:  FY18 Budget 1st Read

FY 18 Town Grants

Town of Bladensburg FY 18 Grant Application for community organizations Application: Town of Bladensburg FY18 Grant Application_March_28_2017_Fillable Form

Maryland Milestones…

Maryland Milestones, a program established in 2012 by ATHA Inc., highlight the many firsts and uniques which have occurred in the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area. This program brings information about these milestones to the public and makes connections between the history, culture, and nature of the region. Additionally, the Maryland Milestones program emphasizes the importance that travel, trade, and communication have played in the region – through turnpikes, highways, parkways, aviation, telegraphs, and train travel. In Spring 2012 look for the formal rollout of this program with new signage, milestone markers, and interpretive program trails.

For more information please see:

Mayor & Council Adopt Two New Election Ordinances

Two New Election Laws are Now in Effect: Absentee Ballots:  1-2017 Absentee Ballots Campaign Finance:  2-2017 Campaign Finance

Mission Statement

Our Motto: “Responsible and Responsive Government.” The Town of Bladensburg’s purpose is to serve the best interests of the community by: providing for its safety and well-being…

Online College Catalogs …..a Host of Schools to Attend Online!

Have you been crawling through thousands of college catalogs to find an appropriate online school to attend? Recently, a comprehensive directory of all college program has been compiled that you can take online apart from the more well known online schools. Many of our students didnot even know that their local colleges offer many online programs until this database was built!

This database will be updated yearly and will always remain free and open. Higher education for all students is a passion of mine, and passing knowledge to what types of programs exist out there in hopes that students will find a higher education program that excites them is our goal. I hope that your school, counselors, advisors, parents and students will find it useful. Please see this link at: and


Municipal partnerships and council contacts.

Proposed FY 2017 Town of Bladensburg Budget

Proposed Final Budget, June 2, 2016: Prop Final bdgt june 2 2016 Budget Summary Budgeted Revenues Department Budgets Budgeted Expenses by Dept

Quarles Gas Station is asking for a Minor Amendment for its Site Plan

Documents Submitted for Minor Amendment Request: Signed Application: APP DSP 16048 Owner Sign (1) Application Acceptance Letter: CB 54 DSP 16048 Acceptance Letter Site Plan: DSP 16048 – Sht 1R1 DER Permit: Permit 5707-95-CG Statement of Justification: SOJ DSP 16048 Stormwater Management Approval: SWMCA 63797-2016-00 Stormwater Management Plan: SWMCP 63797-2016-00 Woodlawn Conservation Exempt App: WCO-EX [...]


Prince George’s County State & County Representatives.


Publications and Forms.

Strategic Plan 2017

STRATEGIC PLAN FOR BLADENSBURG 2017: Approved Plan March 2017:  Strategic Plan Apprvd

Tax Information

Property Tax information via links from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. Income tax information via links from the Comptroller of Maryland.

Telephone Directory

Please use these numbers to contact the various departments within Bladensburg. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please call the information line at (301) 927-7048 or E-mail:

The Undaunted……The Battle of Bladensburg War of 1812

Reenactors at Riversdale Annual Battle of Bladensburg (MNCPPC)The Battle of Bladensburg Task Force is committed to telling the story of the military actions and civilian life that preceded, surrounded, and followed the Battle of Bladensburg on August 24, 1814. Through a Visitor Center, walking and bike tours, sites, events and signage, the Task Force is working with partners across the area to ensure visitors and the community understands that without the Battle of Bladensburg and Prince George’s County, the Star Spangled Banner and the success at Baltimore would not have occurred. The Battle of Bladensburg / War of 1812 Commemoration will occur over 2012-2014 with multiple events, activities, and sites. Come and visit and experience the history!

Visit a partner site – Bladensburg Archaeology – for a detailed video about the battle history!


The Town of Bladensburg has taken the opportunity to collect scholarship information so that our youngest residents can make benefit of financial incentives and opportunities to obtain a college education. You may find out more about each opportunity by touching the hyperlink witch will take you to the appropriate site to allow you to access form and additional information. You may also contact Town Hall at 301-927-7048 to obtain a hard-copy of this list.


(Once downloaded then mouse-over and click on the desired link to obtain forms or additonal information)

Town of Bladensburg’s Adopted FY 18 Budget

Adopted FY 18 Budget Budget Book: FY18 Budget Book

Town of Bladensburg’s Proposed FY 2018 Budget

Draft Budget FY 2018 Budget Book Draft Printer Friendly:  Budget Book April 25 Draft – Printer Friendly Budget Book Draft:  Budget Book April 25 Draft Constant Yield Hearing:  Constant Yield


Transportation service information for DPW&T, WMATA, Call-A-Bus, Amtrak, MTA Maryland, Air Service: DCA, IAD, BWI.

Useful Links

Links to online resources, departments and interesting websites.